Roam Docs contain instructions on how to integrate and use our location SDKs and APIs. Each section walks you through the step-by-step process with source code, examples, and references.


Roam SDK is a convenient Software Development Kit that helps you easily add location tracking to your app, without the complexity of REST API calls. Accurate, battery efficient and customizable location tracking is our main product with the following features:
  • Always-on location tracking to track users’ location at all times regardless of the application state (foreground, background, terminated)
  • Offline location tracking to track users’ location even if they’re offline.
  • Location spoofing prevention prevents your users from faking their location.
  • Location tracking modes to customize the setup and optimize between the battery usage and data collection frequency.


Our REST APIs allow you to go beyond simple location tracking:
  • Geofencing - static and moving geofences with events.
  • Insights - detailed location information about your users' patterns.
  • Trips - full trip management for mobility and on-demand services.
  • Search - find nearby users and geofences.
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