Key Concepts

Learn more about the key concepts of GeoSpark location technology.

Location update

The fundamental component of Roam location tracking. It is a package of data collected about a users’ location that includes latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, direction, activity and more.

Location module

A desired data flow of a location update. Depending on what you intend to do with the location update we distinguish 4 different location modules: Tracker, Publisher, Listener, Processor.

Location Tracker

The location update is collected by the GPS via Roam SDK and stored locally in the mobile device. Use it if you want simple location tracking and store the location data yourself.

Location Publisher

The location update is collected by the GPS via Roam SDK, sent from the mobile device to the backend server and stored in the Roam database. Use it if you want to store the data on Roam servers and go beyond simple location tracking by accessing other Roam products.

Location Listener

The location update returns from the database through the server to a mobile device.

Location Processor

The location update stored in the database is processed according to the respective API call.

Location tracking mode

Customization of location tracking with varying frequencies of updates and levels of battery drainInsights. We differentiate three default modes: Active, Reactive, Passive and one fully customizable.