Start Location Tracking

We have introduced new tracking modes in v3, with the following presets:

  • Passive

  • Active

  • Reactive

  • Custom

/*You can now start tracking your users. GeoSpark has three default tracking
/* The SDK also provides a custom tracking mode that allows you
to customize and build your own tracking mode.*/
let trackingMethod = GeoSparkTrackingMethods.custom
trackingMethod.activityType = .fitness
trackingMethod.distanceFilter = 10
trackingMethod.desiredAccuracy = .kCLLocationAccuracyBest
GeoSpark.startTracking(.custom, options: trackingMethod)

Active Trips

Get online and offline active trips, using activeTrips() method.

// Online Trip
GeoSpark.activeTrips(false) { (trips, error) in
// Offline Trip
GeoSpark.activeTrips(true) { (trips, error) in

Stop Trip

We have renamed endTrip to stopTrip.

GeoSpark.stopTrip("TRIPID") { (status, error) in

Toggle Event Flags

To listen to events on the server-side, you need to enable geofence, trip, location and movingGeofence events for the user using the method below.

GeoSpark.toggleEvents(Geofence: BOOL, Trip: BOOL, Location: BOOL, MovingGeofence: BOOL) { (user, error) in